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Pecan South Magazine, May 2008

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From the Farm expense vs. income

By Tom Stevenson

While going through my budgeting and product pricing processes these past few weeks, I find myself increasingly asking the question of whether prices can keep ...

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Nuts and your heart: eating nuts for health

By Unknown Author

Editor’s note: this article is excerpted from Dr. Gerald T. Gau’s article on eating nuts for heart health published by the Mayo Clinic.

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Early pecan documents show 1930s market info

By Unknown Author

An assortment of marketing letters from S.T. Fish & Co. dated in the 1930s provide historical insight into pecan markets in the 1930s. Austin Nixon ...

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NPSA continues promoting pecan health message

By Unknown Author

The market for pecans continues to grow among health-conscious consumers, according to the National Pecan Shellers Association’s recent newsletter, thanks to the NPSA Marketing, Promotion ...

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