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Pecan South Magazine, March 2009

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From the Farm industry needs to look at food safety

By Tom Stevenson

As I am sure you are aware, the peanut butter hit the fan in Georgia last month. If you are not aware of what I ...

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Mexican strain of PNC has implications for IPM programs

By Bill Ree

Extension Program Specialist II - IPM (Pecan) Texas AgriLife Extension As all producers across the pecan belt know, where the pecan nut casebearer, Acrobasis nuxvorella Neunzig, ...

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Scientists alert growers to PNC pheromone issues

By Marvin Harris, Raul Medina, Jocelyn Millar

Two synthetic pheromone blends have been developed and are currently used to detect the flight of pecan nut casebearer, A. nuxvorella, adults (Millar et al. ...

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Cold storage pecans total 223 million lbs.

By Unknown Author

Pecans in cold storage totaled 223 million pounds (inshell basis) at the end of January 2009, 21 percent less than a year ago.

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