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Pecan South Magazine, July 2008

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From the Farm looking ahead to 2009

By Tom Stevenson

Before moving ahead to next year’s crop I want to add a little update to the current situation in Georgia. As is usually the case ...

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Pecan-dedicated containers cut risk of contamination

By Jon Krueger

Working together to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, pecan handlers across North America have changed the way they hold, ship, receive, store and process pecans. ...

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Recipes: Georgia Pecan Commission promotes new recipes

By Unknown Author

The Georgia Pecan Commission has continued its promotional campaign for pecans this year with the development of additional pecan recipes and photography to illustrate those. ...

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Almonds lead increase in tree nut consumption

By Jean C. Buzby, Susan L. Pollack

USDA Economic Research Service

Americans increased their consumption of tree nuts by 45 percent between the mid-1990s and mid- 2000s, with almonds being among ...

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