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Pecan South Magazine, November 2007

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Nickel (part 4 of 4): usage guidelines

By Charles C. Reilly, Bruce W. Wood

Previous articles briefly summarized known and likely influences of nickel (Ni) in pecan trees. As Ni is an essential nutrient element for plants, farmers and ...

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Pecan growers should take precautions against West Nile

By Bill Ree

Extension Program Specialist II- IPM (Pecan)

As you can see, this month’s column will be a little different in its focus. Usually I try and focus ...

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Latest prescription for healthy diet includes pecans

By Unknown Author

ATLANTA (September 27, 2007) – There’s more good news for pecan lovers, just in time for harvest season. The American Dietetic Association (ADA) and Dietitians ...

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‘Georgia Pecans Fit!’: new campaign highlights health, recipes, web site

By Unknown Author

ATLANTA, Ga. – The Georgia Pecan Commission has launched “Georgia Pecans Fit!”, a new campaign that emphasizes healthy eating habits and a balanced lifestyle, and ...

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