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Pecan South Magazine, October 2007

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From the Farm — time for a reality check

By Tom Stevenson

Now is the time when all we have done throughout this year and last comes home to roost, affected to some degree by the vagaries ...

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Stink bugs and leaffooted bugs - what are they costing you?

By Bill Ree

Extension Program Specialist II - IPM (Pecan)

Here it is, mid-September. Harvest is just getting underway and, for many Texas producers, it has been a tough ...

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Web marketing — also known as “plugged in pecans”

By Marion Bishop

It is hard to believe that the Internet hasn’t always been with us. But think back if you will to when the Internet really exploded ...

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IPM strategies or IOM approaches to pecan production

By Phil Mulder

In the last 3 issues of Pecan South, I have read intently the point/counterpoint debates about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other strategies relative to ...

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