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Pecan South Magazine, August 2007

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By Charles C. Reilly, Bruce W. Wood

A fundamental goal in agricultural enterprises is to ensure that crop management strategies allow crops to grow as close to the “physiological optimum” as feasible. ...

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The dangers of managing with models — a grower’s perspective

By Walt Thrun

(Part 2 of 2)

As mentioned in the previous article, I, of necessity became a serious pecan grower because we needed proceeds from our orchard to ...

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From the farm: the numbers game is ongoing

By Tom Stevenson

I use a quote by John Kennedy when he ran for President: “I run to oppose no man, but rather to propose new policies.” In ...

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Texas Pecan Board helps sponsor pecan research at A&M

By Marion Bishop

If you were to say that Dr. Leo Lombardini was a nutty professor, then you would be partially right, although he probably wouldn’t be offended. ...

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