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Pecan South Magazine, July 2007

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OPGA annual meet spans Texas/Oklahoma state line

By Unknown Author

This year’s Oklahoma Pecan Growers conference straddled the Red River June 17-19 as the group first gathered at the Best Western in Lawton for educational ...

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From the farm: prepare now to finish strong

By Tom Stevenson

It is now into early July and with record temperatures and sparse rainfall, irrigation and its effective use over the next 90-100 days will determine ...

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Pecan grower by default, after vow not to ‘work the land’

By Walt Thrun

I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Illinois. That experience prompted me to vow that when I old enough to leave the farm ...

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Pecan aphids, prophylactic pesticide use and IPM, an essay

By Tom Fuchs, Marvin Harris, Leonardo Lombardini, Bill Ree

The views expressed in this essay are those of the authors, who thank Pecan South for providing a forum that allows a wide range of ...

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