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Pecan South Magazine, May 2007

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Check it out for PNC info: http://pecankernel.tamu.edu

By Bill Ree

TX Extension Program Specialist - IPM (Pecan)

By the time this publication is received some producers in the southern part of Texas will  have already treated ...

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Pecan pollination

By George Ray McEachern

The second week of April while in a pecan orchard with its manager, he asked, “what are these pencil-like green things at the base of ...

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Easter weekend freeze deals blow to pecans

By Unknown Author

Pecans in some of West Texas, northern Oklahoma, Kansas, and the northern production regions of Alabama and Georgia, as well as North Carolina, were hard ...

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To spray (nickel) or not to spray (nickel)?

By Esteban A. Herrera

Prof. Emeritus (NMSU)

Some years ago there was an important discovery that would benefit pecan orchards everywhere, but especially those in the western part of the ...

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