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Pecan South Magazine, September 2009

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What the hail?

By Eric T. Stafne

One may generally associate hail with spring thunderstorms. At least that is what I used to believe but, after living in Oklahoma awhile, I am ...

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Checking out pecan stress

By George Ray McEachern

From time to time it is good to have someone look at your orchard with a critical eye and tell you what they think is ...

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Pecan cultivar recommendations for the Southeast

By Bill Goff

Major advances in pecan cultivar development and selection have occurred in the past few years, requiring extensive evaluations and frequent updating of recommendations. Because the ...

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From the Farm exporting requires expertise

By Tom Stevenson

When you move into the world of foreign marketing and export of your crop, you had better know what you are doing. As a mentor ...

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