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Pecan South Magazine, August 2009

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Stalking minor pests

By William Reid

Year after year, native growers pay close attention to the major pests of pecan — casebearer, weevil and scab. But it seems that nature has ...

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Late season foliage management and defoliation prevention

By Monte L. Nesbitt

Pecan leaves are the tree’s organs responsible for intercepting solar radiation, producing photosynthates, transporting minerals, and cooling the tree by transpiration. Young, soft leaves require ...

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Pecans need water now!

By George Ray McEachern

Pecans are a drought and heat tolerant crop well adapted to the southwestern United States, Mexico, Australia, and other very warm climates. However, this does ...

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From the Farm Southeast battles scab pressure

By Tom Stevenson

We are in the second wet period of the summer here in the Southeast. After a 3-4 week dry and hot spell in June, July ...

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