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Pecan South Magazine, March 2009

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Replanting thinned orchards Which cultivars should you plant and how should you arrange them?

By Bill Goff

The often-repeated recommendation to cut down trees in overcrowded southeastern orchards is being followed by many growers. Since a lot of orchards have very large ...

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2009 Pecan Calendar For Texas

By George Ray McEachern

As pecan growers enter the 2009 pecan year, it is good to outline management practices which may need to be used and develop plans. The ...

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Traditional versus organic

By Larry A. Stein, Bob Whitney

This article must be prefaced with the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional system of producing pecans – typically the IPM ...

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EFFECTS OF THE U.S. ECONOMY ON THE PECAN MARKET There’s more to product pricing than supply

By Daniel J. Zedan

One of the last truly market-driven commodities, pecans are still pretty much bought and sold as they always have been — for cash. Historically, because ...

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