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Pecan South Magazine, October 2008

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Rains usher in pecan weevils

By Phil Mulder

Recent heavy rains, across many states, have brought a flush of pecan weevils out of the soil and into our pecan trees. Many commercial growers ...

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Carbon credits for pecans?

By Lenny Wells

Last year the subject of pecan growers potentially receiving monetary credit for the amount of carbon their orchards hold was brought up by our association ...

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The critical step for pecans

By George Ray McEachern

Everyone who has grown pecans for a number of years knows many factors must work together in a positive way to produce quality pecans and ...

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From the Farm Crop outlook for 2008

By Tom Stevenson

I get one question many times throughout each crop year, which is, “What do you think the crop is this year?” Well, answering that question ...

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