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Pecan South Magazine, August 2008

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Preventing graft blowouts

By Monte L. Nesbitt

The Inlay Bark graft technique (IBG) is an effective method for changing over or “topworking” the variety of a pecan tree. The how-to’s of bark ...

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Native thinking

By William Reid

Attend any meeting of pecan growers and you’ll find an active discussion about pecan cultivars, both new and old. There seems to be an unquenchable ...

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Last season yielded biggest improved crop ever

By Unknown Author

In early July, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released the final numbers for the 2007 pecan crop: 385 million pounds, inshell basis. The overall crop ...

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From the Farm Can consumers afford our product?

By Tom Stevenson

Anyway you cut it, this year’s crop will be substantially less than last year’s, about 50 percent less is my guess. After a summer lull, ...

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