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Pecan South Magazine, July 2008

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Management challenging in “off” year

By Lenny Wells

Management of an “on” year crop is always easier than that of an “off” year crop, at least from the standpoint of the decisions that ...

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How much management for small native crop?

By Larry A. Stein

The Texas pecan crop is definitely not what we would like, but then again there are pecans around the state. Some folks have more of ...

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Nitrogen versus healthy leaves

By George Ray McEachern

Pecan production costs have always been a major factor in developing a management plan. Letting go of cash is never an easy task and we ...

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Walnut caterpillar active in some parts of Texas

By Bill Ree

During the last week of May, I received a few reports of heavy walnut caterpillar, Datana integerrima, defoliation in the southern part of the state, ...

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