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Pecan South Magazine, May 2008

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Nighttime spraying: good or bad?

By Monte L. Nesbitt

Spraying a pecan orchard to protect it against insects and diseases is a rigorous task. Maintaining a 14- or 21-day schedule for scab control from ...

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Hope for 2008

By George Ray McEachern

All pecan growers fall short when it comes to perfect management. No grower has ever given the pecan all it really needs. However, the pecan ...

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Snuff’s enuff?

By Eric T. Stafne

An Extension specialist is a direct liaison between the researchers at the university and the general public. Most often I interact with commercial growers who ...

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‘Degree day’ technology enhances options in PNC arsenal

By Rosemary Hallberg, Allen Knutson

The first sighting of a pecan nut casebearer moth in spring begins ticking off the days before it’s time to look for its eggs. Finding ...

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