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Pecan South Magazine, December 2007

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Hands-on, aggressive management approach getting good results for Georgia operation

By Cindy Loggins Wise

“I’d rather water than spray,” says Glenn Paschal of Georgia’s Nilo Plantation, as he acknowledges that 2007’s dry weather kept disease problems and fungicide sprays ...

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Sharpen your chainsaw technique

By William Reid

We spent much of the summer of 2007 cleaning up from the second highest flood ever recorded on the Neosho River. It’s always interesting see ...

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Early cultivars key to staying competitive in the Southeast

By Bill Goff

Mark these words. If you don’t have a long-range strategy to switch to early cultivars, you will be less and less competitive as a pecan ...

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Sell, or store for 2008?

By George Ray McEachern

Warning! Everything in this article is not true!

As a horticulturist I am not qualified to think about profitability with pecans. I need to stick to ...

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