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Pecan South Magazine, June 2007

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Use systemic insecticides in on-years

By Bill Goff

Aphids and mites stress pecan trees greatly. So does a heavy crop. The combination of  both the pests and the heavy crop is more than ...

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Life after the freeze pest management concerns

By Phil Mulder

Anyone that has grown pecan long enough knows the perils of an early spring and/or early winter and, if they didn’t, spring 2007 was a ...

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Pecan fruit drop

By George Ray McEachern

The Texas crop for 2007 appears to be excellent. However, we are a long way from harvest. There are many things that can cause the ...

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From the farm: bits and pieces; big crop for GA?

By Tom Stevenson

Spring has finally arrived here in the Southeast, though somewhat grudgingly. Despite all the earlier cold weather and tornadoes, most of Georgia has set a ...

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