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Thank you for all those who attended the Texas Pecan Growers Association 97th Annual Conference and Trade Show! Mark your calendars for next year's conference on July 14-17, 2019 in Frisco, Texas.



Texas Pecan Show Winners 2018


2018 Conference Presentations

A Georgia Perspective of Pecan Scab Management, Dr. Lenny Wells

Advances in Pecan Scab Research, Carolyn Young

Crop Load Management, Dr. Larry Stein

Equipment Needs for Pecan Growers, Dr. George Ray McEachern

Food Safety in Texas-Cottage Foods, Farmer's Markets & More Establishments, Cheryl Wilson 

Old Orchard Rejuvenation, Dr. Larry Stein

Pecan Insects and IPM, Bill Ree

Pecans to sell? Understand the Market Maze-Export, Sally Arn

Pecans to sell? Understand the Market Maze-Retail, Tami Sorrells 

Pecans to sell? Understand the Market Maze-Wholesale, Phillip Arnold

Pecan Weevil Panel Discussion, Bill Ree

Quarantine Statutes and Rules, Avinash P. Bhatkar

Someone, or Something is Taking a Piece of Your Pecan Pie: Wild Pigs and Their Influence in the Pecan Industry, Will Moseley

Summary of Cotton Root Rot Rootstock Screening Project to Date, Dr. Larry Stein

TPGA US Pecan Crop Estimate-July 2018, Lalo Medina

Tree Planting 101, Monte Nesbitt


2017 Conference Presentations

American Pecan Board

National Pecan Shellers Association

Optimized Diagnostics of Xylella fastidiosa in pecan, Angelyn Hilton

Pecan Fertilization, Larry Stein

Pecan Foliage Pests, Bill Ree

Pecan Fungicides and Pesticides, Monte Nesbitt

Pecan Grafting, George Ray McEachern

Pecan Nut Pests, Bill Ree

Pecan Screening Nursery for Cotton Root Rot Resistance, Larry Stein

Pecan Tree Crop Insurance, Nicole Gueck

Pecan Varieties, Pollination and Spacing, Monte Nesbitt

Phosphites - efficacy, residues, recommendations, Clive Bock

Soil and Water Requirement, Larry Stein

Soil-applied zinc for Pecans, even in the Southwest, Richard Heerema

This Market is Driving Us Nuts! Shelly Nutt

U.S. Pecan Growers Council at Work, Janice Dees

Varietal, Physiological & Climatic Effects on Pecans, Monte Nesbitt


2016 Conference Presentations

Common Foliage: Pests of Pecan, Bill Ree

Drones in Orchard Management, Kyle Snodgrass

Federal Marketing Order- Next Steps, Mike Adams

Feral Hog Management, Josh Helcel

History and Future of Glyphosate, Monte Nesbitt

Important pecan varieties for Texas, Larry Stein

Insecticides for Pecans, Bill Ree

Managing P and K, Mike Smith

NPSA - Pecan Promotion, Chef Summit, Vickie Mabry

Nut-Feeding Insect Management, Bill Ree

Pecan disease overview, Kimberly Cochran

Pecan Marketing Order, Jen Varela

Pecan Scab - Let's Talk About Sex, Nikki Charlton

Pecan Tree Nutrition and Fertilization, Monte Nesbitt

Pecan Tree Water Requirements, Larry Stein.pdf

Rapid Development of Young Pecan Trees, Monte Nesbitt

RMA - Options for Crop Insurance, Phyllis Johnston

Rootstock Cloning Breakthrough, Jennifer Randall

US Pecan Growers Council, Randy Hudson


2015 Conference Presentations

Pecans 2020, David Lawrence

Pecans, the Forgotten Nut, Skyler Bettencourt

How to do Business with China, Jack Huang

Mini Shortcourse Foliage & Insect Management, Ree

Mini Shortcourse New Orchard Requirements Design, Nesbitt

Mini Shortcourse Nut Feeding & Insect Management, Ree

Mini Shortcourse Pecan Orchard Floor Management, Stein

Mini Shortcourse Scab Management, Nesbitt

National Pecan Shellers Assn. Update, Vickie Mabry

Overcoming the Challenges of Cotton Root Rot with a Creening Nursery, Larry Stein

The South African Pecan Industry, LJ Grauke

USDA ARS Pecan Breeding Program Progress Report, LJ Grauke

Flowering - The Tree's Perspective, Bruce Wood

Mini Shortcourse, Harvest, Grading and Marketing, McEachern

Mini Shortcourse -2015 Late Season crop and water management, Stein

Ongoing IPM Projects and Concerns, Bill Ree

Zinc Nutrition, Monte Nesbitt



The Texas Pecan Growers Association