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TPGA Dues at Work

  • For the past 4 years, TPGA has contributed $8,000 per year to the International Nut Council for use in their efforts to support research and promotion of tree nuts.
  • TPGA gives the Fred Brison scholarship annually to a Texas A&M horticulture student.
  • TPGA provides approx. $5,000 in annual funding for the Texas Pecan Shows.
  • For the past several years, TPGA has earmarked approx. $2,000 annually to support printing and mailing of Bill Ree's IPM newsletter.
  • TPGA provided approx. $30,000 and secured another $20,000 to fund 2001-2002 study at Scott & White Medical Center on the healthful benefits of pecan consumption.
  • TPGA spent another $14,500 for analysis of the data obtained in the pecan health study mentioned above. New technology in blood analysis is available that will tell us not only that pecans are good for you, but HOW. This information has not been available until now. This study will be one of the first in the country to utilize this brand new technology.
  • In the fall of 2001, TPGA launched another effort to secure funds for another health study. TPGA has coordinated funding from the Texas Pecan Board, the National Pecan Shellers Assn., and the TX Dept. of Agriculture, along with several individuals. This support is greatly appreciated.
  • $2,500 donated to Pecan Museum in Seguin, TX.
  • Travel and support funds are being provided to Texas Extension personnel.
  • TPGA is providing $12,000 annually in 2002, 2003 and 2004 to support pecan research work directed by Dr. Leonardo Lombardini at Texas A&M.
  • Research projects such as a crop load study by Extension Horticulturist Larry Stein have been funded.
  • TPGA provided $5,000 to fund a "Friend of the Court" legal brief in the Bragg vs. Edwards Aquifer case.
  • TPGA has donated funds to the National Pecan Shellers Association's Promotion and Research Committee for the Loma Linda pecan health study.
  • Provided funding for the Extension pecan weevil publication in 2000, by Ree and Knutson.
  • TPGA web site includes an opportunity for members who retail pecans to have a complimentary listing. Our members have reported pecan sales throughout the country as a result of their listing. The web site also provides pecan recipes to consumers. The recipe page is the most popular page at the web site.
  • TPGA has provided pecans for sampling and tens of thousands of pecan recipe brochures for various events in each of the past several years.  TPGA members can request free recipe brochures from the association to utilize in their own operations.
The Texas Pecan Growers Association